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Should I update my home insurance after remodeling?

When it comes to home renovation, it’s always a game of risks versus rewards. The risks may surge during the remodeling period, but the personal gratification that comes with adding your personal touch and functionality to your home is unparalleled. For individuals residing in or around Lilburn, GA, Garrison Insurance Group can manage your home insurance needs during this exciting time.

Insurance For Homeowners

Just like remodeling, home insurance is a realm where different types and their demands intersect. Certain homeowners view an accident as a ticking time bomb, hence opting for home insurance for the expected unexpected. Then there are those who get insurance coverage for the rare ‘just in case’ scenarios. Despite their different outlooks, both types comprehend the hefty aftermath of an accident and the helping hand that insurance offers.

Insurance Risks Associated with Home Remodeling and Renovation

Home insurance shields homeowners from the risks that come with owning a property. During home renovations, there’s an elevated risk of unfortunate events occurring due to the presence of workers, tools, materials, and potential electrical complications. Notifying your agent about your renovation plans is vital, as certain insurance policies stipulate this requirement.

Home improvements often increase a property’s value through added floor space, updated appliances, and kitchen cabinets, among other upgrades. As a homeowner, before you start your renovation project, have a detailed discussion with your agent to ensure optimal protection.

At Garrison Insurance Group, we understand the value of your home investment and the need to guard it against potential losses during and after renovations. To project peace of mind and ideal home insurance coverage in Lilburn, GA, stop by or give us a call today.