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Umbrella Insurance in Georgia

Getting umbrella insurance is a smart financial choice for many people. It is an extra layer of insurance protection used to add to your insurance coverage. An umbrella policy may be right for you if you have auto and home insurance. When you are in Georgia and need more insurance coverage in case of serious accidents, call us at Garrison Insurance Group in Lilburn, GA to get started.

Your Home and Auto Policies

When you have both policies in place, you may think this is the only coverage you need. However, these policies often don't have a lot of liability coverage in them. This can mean that there isn't enough coverage after a severe accident. An accident on your property or caused by your vehicle will leave you liable for all the expenses afterward. If you don't have enough coverage to pay for it all, the overage will be left to you to pay. You can avoid this with an umbrella policy. This type of insurance adds to your auto and home policies so that you are better covered.

Umbrella Liability Coverage

When you have an umbrella policy, it's a cost-effect way to add to the liability coverage you already have. If you add liability coverage to your auto and home policies, it can be costly. However, umbrella insurance will do this with little cost. Umbrella policies are highly inexpensive, and they add an enormous amount of coverage to the liability coverage you already carry. This leaves you far better protected against liability. This can give you much more peace of mind and won't break your budget.

Get Umbrella Insurance

To be better covered against your liability for accidents, you need umbrella insurance to add to your home and auto policies. Call us at Garrison Insurance Group in Lilburn, GA to get a quote.