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Motorcycle Insurance in Georgia

Georgia is well known for its scenic roads and iconic countryside, providing an ideal location for motorcycle travel enthusiasts. But like every other state, riders need coverage before hitting the road. Garrison Insurance Group breaks down some policies that will benefit Lilburn, GA, residents.

Liability Coverage

This policy comprises two components, the first being bodily injury liability. It covers 3rd party injuries when you are found liable for an accident and will help pay hospital bills. Property damage liability is the second and will cover 3rd party damage costs. These could be repairs for fixing other motorcycles, vehicles, or buildings. This policy will cover your legal fees and damages if you are sued for these claims.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage will kick in when you get into a head-on accident. These could be instances when you collide with another motorcycle, a vehicle, or property on the road. It will help you pay for your repair costs or replacement based on your motorcycle's damage.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage takes care of incidences not caused by a collision. These could be vandalism, theft, wind, and hail events. This policy helps pay for the costs of fixing your motorcycle when these occur.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments are necessary when your passengers or yourself get injured in an accident. It will reimburse you for expenses such as x-ray, ambulance, and consultation fees. If you sustain significant injuries, it can also help cover your wages until your recovery.

Underinsured/ Uninsured Coverage

Underinsured coverage will be your go-to if you get into an accident with a motorist whose insurance cannot pay for the full extent of your injuries or motorcycle damage costs. It will help you cover the underlying expenses. Uninsured will come in handy when the driver at fault has no insurance and will compensate you for the damage incurred.

If you need help deciding the ideal coverage for your Lilburn, GA, riding needs, contact Garrison Insurance Group today. We can help customize a policy with Georgia travel needs in mind.