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Honest Mistake, or an Errors & Omissions Business Claim Not Covered?

You see it as an honest mistake. Your client thinks you didn’t do your job according to project terms. Who’s right? 

Let Garrison Insurance Group serving Lilburn, GA explain errors & omissions in business to you. Then, allow us to show you what E & O insurance covers. 

In the process, be assured that we don’t judge situations based on circumstances. We want you to feel protected financially, even for mistakes in operations that are not your fault. 

What are Errors & Omissions in Business?

Errors and omissions in business include actions that clients may call “negligent.” A company could also be accused of not fulfilling a contract as promised. 

Otherwise, you perhaps commit costly “errors” when attempting to complete a project. In the medical field, this is often referred to as “malpractice,” such as when a surgeon unintentionally infects the bloodstream with contaminated tools during an operation. 

Examples of errors made in business:

An accountant may provide clients with incorrect information about investment trends. Other cases may include the accidental placement of a harmful ingredient in food when processing it. 

Examples of "Omissions" In Business

”Omissions” usually refer to failure to deliver what you say you will provide. The most obvious example is failing to finish a project by a deadline. 

More “hidden” but crucial examples:

Other examples include failing to file customer information in records and forgetting to sign a contract. Although this may seem like a small mistake, it later voids an important merger and acquisition contract. 

E & O Insurance Coverage

Every E&O policy may have its own inclusions. Many of them relate to covering legal fees, damages, and lawsuit settlements. Some professionals who carry E&O insurance for their business include digital marketers, lawyers, event planners, and investment managers. 

What E & O Insurance Doesn’t Cover 

Please contact Garrison Insurance Group in Lilburn, GA. We will advise you on what E&O insurance doesn’t cover, such as data breaches or criminal activity, and let you know if you need other coverage besides E&O commercial insurance. 

Mitigating Cyber Risks: Why Businesses Need Cyber Liability Insurance

In today’s digital age, Georgia-based businesses are more reliant on technology than ever. While depending on the use of technology to manage critical data, including customer records and details, can benefit businesses, it can also have risks. The threat of cyber-attacks via data breaches and malicious online activities like hacking and virtual thefts can cripple a business. 

Our knowledgeable insurance agents at Garrison Insurance Group in Lilburn, GA can help you protect your digital investments! 

What is a Cyberattack?

A cyber-attack happens when outsiders deliberately attempt to access and tamper with computer systems networks and compromise digital data.

Virtual attacks are often carried out by individuals who want to steal sensitive data, disrupt business operations, or cause intentional damage to businesses and organizations by hijacking their most essential data. 

Examples of Cyberattacks Waged Against US Businesses 

  1. Malware Attacks
  2. Phishing Scams
  3. Denial of Service Attacks
  4. Brute Force Attacks
  5. Insider Threats
  6. Social Engineering 

Cyber liability insurance offers policyholders specialized coverage that can protect them from the financial fallout caused by data breaches and cyber-attacks. 

Protect Your Business from Virtual Threats with Cyber Liability Insurance

When a business experiences a cyberattack, its operations can be impacted for hours, days, or even longer when nefarious cyber criminals hold their data hostage and demand payment to unlock critical customer files. Get protection from financial loss with cyber insurance, which can provide protection from liability, cover regulatory fines and penalties, and support Lilburn, GA area businesses in online reputation management. 

Insurance professionals can work with business owners to help them implement a policy that provides customized cyber insurance coverage and peace of mind when they know their customer data is protected. 

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Contact a licensed insurance agent at Garrison Insurance Group to start protecting your data today! 

Required Commercial Insurance in Georgia

When you own a Georgia business, you need to know which commercial insurance policies are required for your specific business. Every business is different, and certain businesses will need specific commercial insurance policies to keep them protected. There are two types of policies that are required for many businesses in Georgia, and there are many others that aren’t mandatory but are very helpful for business protection.

To get started with your policies, call us at Garrison Insurance Group in Lilburn, GA.

When Workers’ Compensation Insurance Is Required

Workers’ compensation insurance is an extremely important type of insurance that every business should have if it has employees. In Georgia, this insurance is only mandated for companies that have at least three people who are regular workers of the company. That simply means that they regularly work for the business, whether it’s part-time, full-time, or seasonal work.

This type of commercial policy pays the medical bills after an accident has caused one of your employees to become injured. This protects your business by paying for those bills so your business won’t have to come up with the money. 

The Commercial Auto Insurance Requirement

When a business in Georgia owns a vehicle, this makes that vehicle subject to a mandatory commercial auto insurance policy. This coverage pays for accidents that are caused by your business-owned vehicle.

There are two different types of coverage that are required to be in these commercial policies, and you can also add other types of coverage as desired. The required coverage types are property damage liability and bodily injury liability. With both of these in place, you will have the necessary coverage to pay for another party’s damages after your vehicle is at fault for an accident. 

Get Commercial Coverage

When you need commercial insurance, call us at Garrison Insurance Group. We are proud to serve the greater Lilburn, GA community.