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Is Your Renters’ Insurance Policy Providing You with The Level of Protection Needed?

Optimizing Your Renter’s Insurance Coverage

A robust renter’s insurance policy covers the cost of replacing or repairing your insured possessions. However, it’s crucial to regularly assess your coverage to ensure it’s adequate for your current needs. Here is how you can optimize it.

Policy Review

Your insurance documents outline which possessions are covered under your policy and the maximum claimable amount. If you need to file a claim, it will be evaluated, and if approved, you will be provided with the claim amount as per your policy’s existing terms. This makes a regular review of your policy documentation crucial.

Assessing Your Assets

Take inventory of the items in your rental property and cross-reference it with your insurance coverage. This exercise will help identify any uninsured possessions that require coverage. It’s also equally essential to note any insured items are no longer in your possession, as these should be removed from your policy.

Documenting Possessions

Taking pictures or maintaining a visual record of your possessions can significantly simplify the process if you ever need to file an insurance claim. Clear images and accurate descriptions contribute greatly towards swift claim processing.

Seek Professional Guidance from Garrison Insurance Group

If you wish to update your renter’s insurance policy or need assistance understanding your coverage, don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents at Garrison Insurance Group. Catering to clients’ needs in and around Lilburn, GA, we bring a seamless and tailored approach to insurance services.

Four things that might surprise you about renters insurance

If you live in a rented home in Lilburn, GA, you should invest in renters insurance. We can answer questions you have about renters insurance at Garrison Insurance Group. 

The following are four things that might surprise you when it comes to renters insurance:

Renters insurance can cover alternative living space if your rental unit becomes uninhabitable. 

An event like a fire can make it so that your rental unit is no longer safe to live in. In this case, you can take advantage of alternative living space coverage to pay for the costs of alternative lodging until your rental unit is repaired. 

Renters insurance covers you for theft.

You may already be aware of the fact that renters insurance can cover you for damage caused by fires or plumbing accidents. However, you might not be aware of the fact that renters insurance also covers you for damage caused by theft.

Renters insurance typically covers you for damage caused by both theft and vandalism. 

Renters insurance protects you if you face a lawsuit.

When you have guests in your rented home, you may be responsible for medical expenses if they become injured. Rental insurance pays for liability expenses you face as a renter. 

You can’t be covered by your roommate’s policy.

A renters insurance policy only covers the policyholder. Renters insurance policies don’t cover the entire household in a rental unit. Unfortunately, you can’t get coverage from the renters insurance policy that your roommate carries.

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Renters insurance is an important financial product that protects your finances. If you need a quote on insurance for your rental home in the greater Lilburn, GA community, get in touch with us at Garrison Insurance Group.